Hello Alhind Team, I am really happy with the assistance provided by your staff in Coimbatore to my Dad. Thank you and really appreciate the high quality customer service. Regards, Shankar


It was like heaven,very professional, on time to every boarding point, didn't waste time anywhere, bus was awesome.My destination is the first point so it was 5 am, so staff member personally came and woke me up instead of yelling from front which will wake up other passengers.

Deepak Vardhan

My journey from Hyd to Blr by: BusNo: KA01AE8800 on 21.04.19 ServiceNo: ALHIND HYD- CBE Was very punctual and pleasant. Keep up the good work fellas!

Ghouse Mohiuddin

First time i traveled in your bus yesterday, Bus was on time , just half hr late but that's ok.... So started from palghat 8.25 pm and reached home 4.45 am, yelahanka bangalore and excellent service.... Ride was smooth.... Thanks a lot.... 10 out of 10....


This is for the 5th Time, staff coordination with passengers is too good, maintains proper timings, and I always prefer AlHind..

Gopi Bhandaram

Dear team, Loved the first time travelling with your travels. Ofcourse the delays for the long distance buses are acceptable. Hospitality extended by team is very good. Keep it up. All the best.

Ramalingeswara Rao B

I have been travelling back and forth from Bangalore for long, my experience with Alhind travels has turned out to be positive. I'm really moved and surprised by the punctuality of the operator. The staff behaviour is satisfying, especially when the wake-up-call is being given, they try not to disturb the others who are at sleep. Overall experience is excellent. Keep this up. One suggestion is to try Volvo I-shift.

Dani Michel

I recently travelled from Kottayam with Alhind Tours & Travels. It was a semi sleeper bus and I felt the bus was very comfortable and the staff was very friendly and co-operative. Great going Alhind Tours & Travels keep it up.


Travelling to places through Alhind Tours & Travels is always affordable, convenient and satisfactory. One of the finest bus operating services.


I always had this feeling that private bus drivers are very unprofessional and unsophisticated. But, when I travelled by Alhind Tours & Travels for the first time, I realised that I was wrong! The staff was very well mannered and quite friendly. They took extra care while loading the luggages. The bus also was very clean with fresh curtains, bedsheets and bedspreads. About the journey, It was very good. No sudden breaks and rash driving. Overall, it was an amazing experience..


Once, I was travelling with my mother by Alhind Tours & Travels. It was the night journey and we were in AC sleeper bus. All of a sudden, within an hour of commencing the journey, my mother started feeling pukish due to indigestion! I was so worried as she wasn't feeling well at all. I asked the driver if he can stop at any nearby medical shop so that I can get some medicines for her. Fortunately, the driver was familiar with the route and he stopped at a medical shop. To my surprise, he himself approached the chemist and got some good medicines. My mother started feeling well after some time and the journey went smooth after that. I still remember that journey and I'm really very thankful to the bus crew for being so kind and responsible.

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