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Alhind Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd takes to the city called Salem, the name 'Salem' appears to have been derived from Sela or Shalya by which the term refers to the country around the hills, as in the inscriptions. Local tradition claims Salem as the birth place of Tamil poetess Avvaiyar. Salem is also well known for MANGOES.

Salem Alhind Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd is the one of the town of Tamil Nadu located in the Western part of the southern most state of India. Almost completely surrounded by hills, Salem is one of the major textile centres in the World. Salem city had population of about 693,236 according to the census of 2001. Also a survey of 2006 says that the current estimated population is about 8.4 lakhs. Also Salem city is said to be the fifth largest city in Tamil Nadu in landscape.

Salem Alhind Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd is also called as Steel City, Agro City, Limestone City, Electric City, and Mango City. Which itself gives a definition for the name ‘SALEM’.

The reason for the names is,

Steel city - The Salem is the Existence of Steel plant in the City.

Agro City- Salem is gifted with large area of Agricultural lands in and around the city and Salem District.

Limestone City- Salem Alhind Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd is also gifted with natural resource like Limestone, Magnesium carbonate and iron ore in the foothills of yercaud. Thus the availability of limestone gives this name to the city. Electric City- The power grid in Mettur Dam situated near the city. This is a very important source of power for northern parts of TamilNadu and even to Bangalore city in Karnataka. Mango City- This is the name this city is called right from the earlier days. Salem is larger and biggest market in south India for Mangoes.

Salem Alhind Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd. About this sound pronunciation is a city and a corporation in Salem district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, located in the north central part of the southernmost state of India. It is the 5th largest Municipal Corporation and Urban agglomeration in Tamil Nadu next to Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy.

Salem Alhind Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd is a part of the Kongu Nadu, an ancient division of Tamilakam comprising the western Tamil Nadu. Almost completely surrounded by hills, Salem is at the base of the renowned tourist destination of Yercaud hills, which offers breathtaking views both along the ride up the hill and from the peak. There are also remote sites of beauty such as Kiliyur Falls and Kavery peak. Yercaud is at an altitude of 1600 m above mean sea level.

Salem Alhind Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd city is surrounded by a natural amphitheater of hills formed by the Nagaramalai to the north, the Jarugumalai to the south, the Kanjamalai to the west, and Godumalai to the east. It is divided by the river Thirumanimuthar in the main division. The fort area is the oldest part of the town.

Salem is a transit point for travel between Chennai, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Coimbatore, Madurai, Ernakulam/Cochin, Pondicherry, Trichy, Tirunelveli(nellai) and other places. As this makes possible for through Alhind Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd

Salem has 2 major Bus Stations as mentioned below

* MGR Integrated Bus Terminus also called as Central Bus Terminus (New Bus Stand)- Mofussil Routes
* Town Bus Station (Old Bus Stand)- Local Routes which is located in the congested part of the town. This is also known as Anna Bus stand in which the above stations can be done through Alhind Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd

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